How to get the Server Files..? Or not...

I know this is something people may be eagerly waiting, to be able to host your own server.
Play with “m8’s” in peace and harmony.

Well today I am one step closer to finding out how to get the files! Just a shame they are password protected.

‘What do you mean password protected?’
Well if anyone is familiar with SteamCMD (how you would host a gmod server after Steam Pipe. instead of SRCDS)

However if you understand how SteamCMD works that’s great! Accept you still shall not be able you host your own servers :expressionless:
WHY? Well once you install SteamCMD you have to validate and install it, how may you ask?
WELL normally you would type something like the following:
‘app_update 42020’ – The app code ‘42020’ is the example ID for garry’s mod.
Running that command would install the garrys mod server.

Well, yet again why would you not be able to install the Rust server files?
Another very good question!
If you looked at this page (
It tells you how to, but don’t bother I shall tell you how.
You would run ‘app_update 258550’ in SteamCMD; the ID ‘258550’ being rust’s ID.

So great! We have ourselves the server files.
But no, not at all close.
Doing that just installs a text file saying:

wrong branch

or is it?

The only way to get the executable server files is know the password.
‘app_update 258550 -beta dev -beta_password PASSWORD validate’

So until someone cracks that password (don’t actually do it, it likely changes every now and then anyway) we don’t have ourselves our own server :frowning:

Until Garry deems us mature enough to handle the password he shall not remove the password nor give it to us :(.
I have no idea why I wrote this.

EDIT: Reading this back to myself I feel stupid. I wrote this very uncleanly and was kinda pointless.
But my point is proven, I want the damn server files :expressionless:

EDIT #2:

I read this back to myself and OMG I sound stupid.

Currently you aren’t allowed to.

I realize that.

I just hope the Devs or someone hears my plead for the server files publicity.

I highly doubt they will release during alpha, maybe during beta or final release.

The only thing stopping me getting a server is money.
A broke college student.

So we are in the same predicament :smile: college life’s rough on the pocket.