How to get the Steam overlay in Rust

I use this to get the Steam overlay in Rust. I’ve only tried it on Google Chrome, but I don’t see why you don’t have Google Chrome in the first place. Let’s begin.

Step 1:
Add your browser to Steam

Step 2:
Rename it to what ever you like

Step 3:
Launch it from steam and go to

Step 4:
Switch to fullscreen mode

Step 5:

I don’t see how this is useful though - you can just alt-tab back and forth?

Overlay is transparant. Plus, you can have both chats and the web browser on 1 screen with a single shift+tab.

One suggestion since Rust isn’t the only Full-screen capable browser game out there in my Steam Library.

I modified mine to this:

"C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "" --new-window

Doing this will force Google Chrome to launch Rust in a new window, no need to type in URL.