How to get to the Public Dev Branch after the latest updates?

Hey everyone,

I recently went on vacation, and I came back and saw the huge updates. (The one where when you boot Rust, it asks you if you want to Play Rust or Try Experimental). I chose play Rust, and I eventually tried everything out. I eventually realized that on the normal Rust, I didn’t have the features of the “Public Dev Branch”. I was a little disappointed, because I enjoyed playing on the Public Dev Branch. I tried to update Rust again, the way you would access the Public Dev Branch, and I didn’t even see the “Public Dev Branch” in the drop down menu. My question is, how can I get back to using the Public Dev Branch? Thanks!


Game was migrated from Unity Engine 4.0 to Unity Engine 4.5 so that standard and experimental could be merged on the same game engine, caused many bugs and most of the dev branch features seem to have been lost in the process of patching out those bugs :frowning:

The Dev branch has not been touched for months as far as I know. Since they started working on experimental they haven’t done much of anything with the dev branches.

If you want to see the progress on the new game then use the experimental branch instead.