How to get twice your average FPS (or how I did it)

Today, I was fooling around with console commands, and while after typing in the command for slow motion (host_timescale .5), my FPS was about twice the number it usually is. Afterwards, I went into the spawnmenu’s “options/admin settings” (or something like that, its in the “q” menu, somewhere on the top right tabs) and set the gravity and physics timescale to twice their usual number. Gmod went at pretty much normal speed, and my FPS was still twice the number it usually is. The only thing that went slower than normal are the weapons’ shooting speeds and the animations, I couldnt find any (if any exist) console commands to speed those up.

Sorry for the wall of text, but why exactly does this happen, if everything still goes at normal speed? I didnt really go into extensive testing with prop physics, but they seemed to move at the same speed as normal.

I think the Host_time-scale works on code execution meaning that the fps is the same but is not displayed right?
Can anyone confirm this?

It doesn’t as far as you can tell, seen as you can still move your screen and stuff around as fast as usual, like even using the camera tool. Could be wrong.

hmmm…I had all my graphics on medium, I might try it out on high, and see if I can notice any drastic changes.

That sounds rather awkward.