How to get VALVe's recent GMod patches working on your server

For those of you having issues with the recent file uploading exploit, there is a patch, however it has only been released to the client. If you want to update your server then you need to copy engine.dll from Steam\steamapps&lt;steamname>\garrysmod\bin to <server path>\orangebox\bin.

This is only temporary till Valve adds the fix to the HldsUpdateTool.

You may also want to backup your original engine.dll just incase this solution has any side-effects (although we didn’t find any).

Some Credits:
Good sentence: (Teddi Orange)
Idea: Chrisaster
Testing: me

Servers have already updated.

with hldsupdatetool you dont get that :3

Idea from Chrisaster? Since when did he suddenly turn from trolling the whole community with scripts?

Since Steam disabled his account, and he wrote them a very fine letter back asking for forgiveness, and swearing to never do this again.

This does indeed fix it. Tested it myself with both engines(to compare).

lol you fail. We tested it, it works fine.

He always has, most of the people who find the exploits do too.

They disabled it again because more people bitched to them that “Chrisaster” is hacking servers…

People made fake ‘Lua viruses’ that framed him, which is very stupid.

No, Chrisaster did make some, however his ideology was the more times it’s done, quicker Valve would notice it and thus fix it. Valve didn’t appreciate this, thus they disabled his account.

Any Virii thereafter were not made by him, yet in an effort to frame him / be stupid, people put his name there.

Sweet. Thanks :slight_smile:

Uh, I was talking AFTERWARDS, so yes - I was correct.

Thanks leeetdude.

People that are with Xenon Servers, you can install a copy of the updated dll from the Mod Installer page in the control panel.

Fair enough.

@ Slayer, they may have disabled his account (I’m not sure of this), however I do know he has another account seeing as I play with him on certain servers.

How come the engine.dll on my client installation is the same as the one on my server? (Same number of bytes)

I have my GMod set to automatically update and i just launched it a minute ago.

BTW, Slayer, are you Sadistic?

Yea, why?

dont know? anywa it works.

Am I being completely dumb, or is engine.dll not in that directory?

Yes, that list is in alphabetical order, yes I checked the whole list over 3 times just in case, yes I checked in any other bin folder I came across. All I could find was an engine.dll in the CSS folder but I doubt that would work.

The engine.dll is a lie!

Anyhow, it’s in mine. Crack open the GCF and get it from there.