How to get weapons as fresh spawn :)

As title says ^^

I said some words in polish but nothing important ^^
Enjoy :slight_smile:

“are you friendly”
shots the fresh spawn
“i am not bitch”

UHHHH ohh look we got a tough guy here. thats not even worth to watch

Well done, the nudie needed to be murdered because he started looting your bags.

You are just one of the many assholes out there that make me not like this game.
You cant let everyone play how they want to play because then the people that choose to kos dont allow other players to play how they want to play. This is just moronic pvp.

lol gg wp

Yes, any decent christian wouldve let that nudie loot his kill.
And obviously the guy with an m4 and leather armor was just there looking for rare birds.

People were doing nothing wrong, and he just went haywire with a rock. Jesus christ that rock is overpowered.

This is correct. Wubbzz is incorrect.

I lost sympathy for the nude when he went for the bags.

Excellent work. If you had not killed that one guy, he would have killed you and the nude was just a vulture.

Yeah i know, thats why i killed him :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm do i feel butthurt?
this game is about killing people and getting resources. Then you get stronger and get more equipment such as WEAPONS. What do you think weapons are meant for? For killing people. Additionally the guy started looting his shit so please stop acting like a turd, ty!

Thought this was a guide )=

Looks easy to follow. Trick the guy with the gun who has killed people, then take stuff while he’s running. Wait for him to come back, shoot him in the face.

Yo yo are you friendly? “Im not”


Or ask someone for food and kill him with pickaxe :smiley: (this requires guy to be naive and skill with pickaxe ( when he will run away and try shoot you ))

you sir, missed the goal of this game…
but well you are just one of the hundreds of brainless running kids thinking this is CoD

I enjoy the fact that butthurt assholes much like yourself always blame dying on the Cod franchise.
Its the same in BF4. You mow down 15 people without dying in a scout helicopter? “OMG GO PLAY COD LOL”.

Its the same in every fantasy mmo too, only there its wow.

In my world, if you have full kevlar and an m4, and i rape you with a p250 and take your shit, I won and you lost. Go deal with it.
If playing CoD to get good aim etc makes people able to do that, well then thats pretty much a “you suck and he doesnt” situation isnt it?

If your goal with the game is just surviving. You might wanna try running east for 30 minutes after farming up about 1000 chicken. There you can live infinitely!

so what is the goal of this game?

its kinda offtopic but…

the goal so far would be just playing whether in a role of a survivor or a bandit. The PvE is not developed enough yet, so… you decide… but as a matter of fact: you reap what you sow

yeah bandit is more fun for me but i dont know why 50% of people whine/flame when got killed lol