How to Get WireMod in 5 Easy Steps [NO SVN] [EASY UPDATING]

This is a tutorial on how to get WireMod VERY easily


  1. Click Here

  2. Click the download button on the website.

  3. Save WireStubInstaller somewhere for future updates.

  4. Run WireStubInstaller.

  5. ENJOY :smiley:

Hope this helped you guys.

Most people here already have Wiremod and know how to use it. If anyone ever, EVER has trouble with Wiremod, we’ll just either link them to the 1 click installer or explain the instructions in a way they’ll understand.
There is no need for this thread to be here.

Yeah I know that most people have WireMod, but for people that can’t get help from anyone and are browsing the threads, this will be useful.
Not alot of people know about the 1 click installer.

You’re not really helping…all you’re doing is making a post with information that is already widely available.

If you don’t know how to download wiremod at this point, you shouldn’t need wiremod in the first place.

Your skills in paint are greater then your reasons to post this.


Just get a proper svn client. It’s not that hard.

Yes, I know it’s easy -_-
But for the people that just refuse to even try to get WireMod, this is what they can use.

I’m pretty sure this involves trying to get it aswell, except it’s worse.

Also if they’re both easy why not just do it the proper way?