How to get your addons back

Hello viewers! I decided that we all had issues with addons, so I made a 2 part video collection that will help you get your addons back!

Part 1:

Part 2:

These videos are both in 1080p, so its more convenient to watch it in fullscreen if your blind.

Or you can just play in offline mode on Steam and it will load all of your addons in garrysmod/addons. Alternatively, you can just load them as legacy addons, but it would take a while to extract each individual one.

I tried that and I just crash

You probably have too many.

You just keep restarting steam and gmod. Thats what you do. lol

it seems to be an issue with steam workshop. I came to this conclusion because steam keeps going down, and other games which use workshop have also been going down

One cannot simply have to0 many mods in garrys MOD

Yes you can. It comes to a point where the mounting time takes so long, it becomes unplayable.

@echo off
for %%a in (*.gma) do (
	echo "Extracting %%a"
	..\..\bin\gmad.exe extract -file "%%a"

Place inside your addons folder and call it extract.bat and launch it.
Note: This will turn all your addons into legacy addons (How the addons used to work in GM12). These should be removed once the Workshop starts working again.

How did the addons use to work back then? I bought Garry’s Mod a few days after he updated to GM13

You would download them and put them in addons/

Seems good and all, but it looks like a pain in the arse to be doing every time I go onto the game, I think I’ll just wait until an update comes out.

You only have to do it once with the script I posted.

Here’s the thing:
We’re in a new era of gmod where it is more common to have scores upon scores of addons than it was in previous versions. Personally I only had a peak of 10 addons back in Gmod 12. Now I have about a hundred and twentyfive or so.
While the status quo for amount of addons installed has changed, the time required to mount these addons has not (I’m talking about filesystem addons) which means that I’ll wait for a generation to load into any game thanks to the massive amount of legacy addons now sitting in my folder.
I really hope workshop is fixed soon because it was so fucking fast.