How to get your problem solved quick and easy

So you’ve got a problem in Garry’s Mod? Whatever the problem, someone out there is bound to know how to fix it, but finding that person and getting the help you need can take a while. Here’s some tips to make sure you get the help quickly and efficiently.


There’s two common types of problems. Is it a CODING PROBLEM ( IE: Addon you wrote won’t work, edits you made won’t work, lua error, etc ) or a GAMEPLAY PROBLEM ( IE: Materials missing, map won’t load, random crashes, etc ). Once you have that sorted out, check out the section below pertaining to you.


Coding Help

Coding help is tricky business, but thankfully it’s usually really easy to narrow down. I highly recommend you go through the Lua Error Explanation guide on the wiki, as it may be more than enough to help. Do note that implementation questions may be better asked in #gmod:developing-gmod

Regardless, here’s some extra tips that might be worth trying.


  • Make sure your addon files are being included and loaded. Put prints at the top of each file and see if it is loaded in console.

  • Add prints inside your functions to make sure your code is running or see where the code begins to fail. Work backwards from there.

  • Trace your variables to make sure they are properly assigned or typed. If there is a lua error, trace the specific variable that is having the error.

  • Check the wiki if the function you want to use exists by default, or if there are any bugs / errors / conditions you can expect out of it.

  • Make sure you are in the correct realm. A client only function will not run on the server-side and visa-versa.

  • Make sure you are on the correct gamemode. Gamemodes may not have the same functions and methods for a class.

  • If you are on a development or experimental branch, try opting out and testing on the normal branch.

  • Make sure you have any dependency libraries, modules, packages, addons, you-name-it that you need.

There’s a bunch more that will probably be added as time goes on, but if these basic ones don’t help it may be time to make that thread.


  • What are you trying to do? What is the issue?
  • POST CODE. The code you made, the code that’s erroring, the more you post the more we can help.
  • Are there any lua errors? Post them.
  • Does it always happen, or only sometimes?
  • What have you already tried to fix the issue?
  • What addons do you have subscribed / enabled?
  • What gamemode/map are you on? Does it happen with any gamemode/map?
  • Screenshots? Videos?
Gameplay Help

Gameplay problems can happen from a lot of things. Between hardware and workshop addons, it’s hard to keep track of the combinations. Make sure you try to narrow it down and supply the correct information. Not every suggestion below may be helpful to your situation.

The Crash Reporting Guide has a lot of useful information on narrowing it down, so try to go through that. There are also some additional points below.


  • Disable all your workshop addons and restart your game. If it’s a specific addon, only enable what that addon requires.

  • If a specific addon is having an issue, make sure you have subscribed to and enabled all the requirements on the workshop page, and you have completely read the workshop summary or discussion threads for information.

  • Try the situation on a different map and/or gamemode, see if it still happens. If this is a specific addon, make sure you are on a gamemode/map that is supported.

  • Unmount any newly mounted or unneeded games. Make sure you have launched the games you are trying to mount at least once to make sure it isn’t corrupted.

  • If you had to manually install anything not from the workshop, triple check that the directories are correct.

  • If you are on a development or experimental branch, try to opt out and see if the issue still happens

If it still doesn’t work, might be time to dive into a thread.


  • What is the issue?
  • When/how did it happen? What were you doing?
  • Does it always happen, or only sometimes?
  • What have you already tried to fix the issue?
  • What addons do you have subscribed / enabled?
  • What gamemode/map are you on? Does it happen with any gamemode/map?
  • What games do you have mounted?
  • Were there any console messages before it happened?
  • Screenshots? Videos?



People have problems every day, and a lot of people tend to have the same problems. Search the section and check out suggestive threads on the side while creating your thread to see if someone else has had the same issue. Someone may have even solved it!

Additionally, make sure you are patient and courteous with the people trying to help you. If they need more information, try to get it for them, or at least tell them why you can’t. Whether you’re helping or being helped, your common goal is to solve the issue. Yelling at each other will NEVER solve a problem.


I’ve tagged this topic as a resource. Some may not know this, but if your trust level is high enough you can edit this as if it was a wiki! If you see anything that’s wrong, information that’s missing, awkward wording: don’t hesitate. You’ll save us all the headache down the line!

I know I’ll be updating this over time


Another tip; when trying to seek help, it’s best to just post your issue and what you know rather than just asking if people can help you. Most of the time they will chime in if they know the answer and it’s faster for everyone involved.