How to get your server full?

Hey all

Im woundering how to get my server full ermm should it be like vanilla? or oxide like Basic or like with loads of plugins?

Im willing to listen to advice etc because i really wanna get a good server up n going :).

Thanks for your time guys

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We meaning us as a community we are search members aswell at all ages from like 14 onwards!.
if you fancy a chat about joining add me on steam :slight_smile: - riveymikey

Thanks again

Well, one thing is to make sure you have good administration.
An administrator will ruin a server if he bans without making sure of a report, bans people for killing them, etc.
Adopt reasonable rules for the server as well. I’ve seen a server go from 70 players to 10 because they adopted a “No Level 1 Steam”, “No Suicide Base”, and “No Yelling In Mic” policy.

Another thing to consider is what niche your server should cater to. There are servers for people who want to play Rust like Call of Duty (which I feel ruins the point of the game, but hey, their choice).
There are also creative servers where the player can build to their whim and test anything they want. Of course, there are vanilla servers that play as the developers intended.

Switch your server to Steam group whitelisting, but make the group publicly-joinable. This way, you can ban people from the group if they’re fuckwads, and there’s a SMALL barrier to any random-ass yahoo joining in without ever reading your server rules. However, it’s still a public server so you can grow it without tedious hand-approval (and if you aren’t really fast on approving, they’ll just go elsewhere anyway unless your server is amazing).

As Snickerdoodle says, administrate the server actively and fairly, and curate a community that can play nicely together while still killing each other. It will take time to grow a server with a stable and durable population, and there is a risk to trying to grow huge too fast.

Offering cash prizes for inflated server population numbers, not that you’ve already done this yourself but others have, is a terrible idea, just in case you see threads and think you might try it. You get a huge disruptive flood (if you’re successful in getting attention and traffic) that yields only a small handful of people hanging around afterwards.

Another advantage of Steam group whitelisting is, you have a safety brake that you can pull. In the event that the server gets a troll flood (i.e. a pack of people show up to roll the server and invite their friends and create multiple Steam accounts with Rust to bypass Steam ID blocks), you can lock the group from public joining, kick the idiots out, and leave it on admin-invite-only membership for a few hours or days until the dust settles and the trolls get bored. This way, any respectable player in your server’s community can still join and play, since the whitelisting on the Rust server itself wasn’t modified at all. All that changed was pulling up the drawbridge on the Steam group and then cleaning out the trolls.

Be original and don’t even bother unless you’re going to atleast try to create something no one else has. If you don’t do this then why bother with another generic server among thousands of other servers.

Quite frankly, I would recommend not starting a new server.

We have thousands upon thousands of them and a vast majority of those are empty/very nearly so.

It’ll be a huge uphill battle for you to fill your server past the first couple days and by the end of it all you’ll probably be asking yourself why you spent money on it in the first place.

Imho, of course.

Let’s be honest, the Rust server list is a wasteland of 0 average login servers. The only servers right now that are seeing activity are the public servers (which are overcrowded and have traditionally been hacker havens) and the private servers who cater to instant short-attention-span griefer deathmatch (starter kit with full kevlar, M4 and 500 ammo). Unless you have a really fantastic niche idea and a lot of friends to start it off, you’re probably better off saving your money right now.

Most of the Rust players I know are waiting for a dramatic dump of new content. I hope it comes before all these server owners let their contracts expire, because I doubt they’ll do it again.

First thing, really good admin. Thats the core of it.

Then good informative pages about your server. How is it like, simple rules etc.

Mostly vanilla, unless you have something neat to offer with mods.

And be active in game.

Thats pretty much what we did,and we are doing great.


ok thanks guys :slight_smile: but will give the vanilla ago but will see