How to give NPCS weapons?

?How do i make my NPCS able to hold the sweps, i can spawn

NPCs tab where you spawn them. At the little bar it says “Weapon” and a drop down menu appears

sometimes npc can not shoot custom sweps.

Nor can they shoot the 357

They simply aren’t coded to.

I don’t see why that is tbh because say, the 357 uses the same animation as the pistol which NPCs can use so it should be possible.

About custom SWEPs the maker of it has to decide if his has the patience and time to code it to work with NPCs. Usualy they don’t and don’t bother with NPC coding. The only way to get round this is to do it yourself.

Oh :(((( sadface.

you could try… my npcs can wield all CSS and TF2 guns plus the EP2 sniper, which is autmattic for them