How to give yourself money as admin on a DarkRP server?

Well, here’s some text. Enjoy it. Question states all.

Easy answer, don’t. Admins who do that ruin the RP as they either buy a ton of shit like guns, or start randomly giving it out/ getting tricked.

This, you ruin the fucking point of RP.

Press F1 and learn to read. >.>

i need to know how to give urself money also

rp_setmoney [nickname] [moneyamount]

Obviously with no brackets, and do it via rcon or console. I think the command is right… It’s either that or rp_setwallet. There’s also rp_setsalary [nickname] [amount]

Have fun with that… if you’re that kind of admin.


NINJA :stuck_out_tongue:

By like 10 hours

So no, not ninja.

Hey guys he doesn’t care what you think he asked a question, answer it or don’t post.

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Actually he needs to know how to give money to players and himself. It’s useful for events.

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Wait what the hell, the thread is from 2009? God fucking damn it

guiz i just made mehsawlf 1e0+992

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Buzz off, necromancer.