How To Glitch Into Anything In Rust


There was a supposed fix, but it did not change anything:

@Garry To fix this exploit placing objects inside of rocks and underground should be disabled (red) or make the door not push us. **

I’m posting this because it’s fucking retarded and game breaking. As talked about before in other threads, FP Japan servers are always low pop because the meta is for everyone to build inside the rocks and or underground. This is now starting to spread into the NA and EU servers and less people have real bases now then a week ago. My hopes is that Dev will see and acknowledge this and plan a fix so that we can stop seeing dwindling numbers due to all bases being unreadable/underground giving people no reason to play or raid. The obvious fix would be to make doors not collide with a player somehow while they are opening. Here is a video demonstrating how this glitch works. Sorry for the shitty music, not my video.

Edit: garry knows, I’m satisfied with that

Do you also play on Facepunch japan ? theyre not always low pop, we still play. a lot of us in fp japan are tired of it, and i met many friends who refused that meta because its too cheap. a lot of people still use it.

That kind of action is just sad and cheap, I hope it gets fixed soon

I just played on some modded server that has settings to disallow to build on rocks.

I.e. somehow they marked rock’s area and a little space around it and you can’t build there.
And by doing so it fixes this exploit with a door as you can’t place it near enough.

I think this fix kills 2 birds with one stone, no more unaccessible rock bases, no bases inside the rock.

Tweaked building components to prevent building inside rocks - @garrynewman (/main)

Except the houses on top of rocks ARE accessible and raidable like any others. (optional) shoot rocket to take down the cupboard in the corner. Build a tower. jump on top. pickaxe. […] profit.

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But good on MrThc for reaching Garry with this exploit, can’t wait for next wipe to get rid of all those rock bases !

I tried to get in the dev branch to test the latest changes, but the dev branch broke my rust and won’t start. have to reinstall the whole rust again for some reason. We’ll see it tomorow i guess.

It wasnt fixed ! may 15 here, i just built a house under the map after 15min in a new server. we can still enter a rock and place cupboard and chests inside, just no foundation.

This was not fixed, not sure what was changed. I updated the post with an idea of how to fix this.