How to handle this?

Hello everyone, I’m having a problem;

We are playing with 6 guys, at some pretty irregular times due to work schedules etc. So when we join a server, we pretty much have carte blanche during the night. This makes us progress really fast and we usually dominate the server within a week. We like to play as pure bandits, we raid everyone, we kill everyone etc. Dont hate us for it, part of the game :slight_smile:

Anyway, we come across the issue that every single server bans us after a few days because we either:

  1. Kill everyone which makes people leave. Admins rather ban us than see their server run empty.
  2. We raid an admin who goes berserk, abuses and bans us.
  3. We get raided by an admin with a unbelieveable amount of C4, think in the hundreds. Which is obviously spawned (even admitted a few times).

So… We were thinking about joining the official servers as there are no admins there, but we heard alot of reports from other players about hackers/cheaters on those servers. Can anyone tell me how bad it exactly is?

  1. well if the admins saw something that makes the server to fall, he did what he thought its better to do…
  2. happens
  3. happens

so, official server huh? example: think about a city without police, how bad it would be?

I know there is a higher amount of hackers/cheaters on the official server. That’s no news. I was just wondering if it is playable or not.

well i dont have any personal experience with the official servers, but only for what i read around the forums i wouldnt say that… soon or late u will get raided unfairly by a hacker, which is worse from getting raided fairly from someone with c4 and stuff, so in my opinion its not playable… stick to the community servers for now, i play in a nice community server with friendly admin that take’s care of the cheaters as soon as possible, i can give you the IP via PM if you want…

Always welcome :slight_smile: