how to have a loading screen in the server files

I have been working on a loading screen for a friends server i have the code for the loading screen but i don’t know how to put it online for use so is there anyway for me to put it into the server folders to be used for the loading scree?

You have to host it externally, either rent a webhost or put it in dropbox.


You make it really hard for people to not use lmgtfy

Just watch him ask what lmgtfy is. offers webhosting for $3, go buy it, place your php/html file in the /public/ folder and set your sv_downloadurl to that.

Don’t do what this post says.

There are a lot of free web hosting sites out there.

Here is a provided chart of free web hosting sites:

Or you can do this, but for $3 a month you aren’t going to get Internap webhosting anywhere.