How to have a Official Server ?


Do you know how to rent an official server ?
(Not a community server)
I’ve allready two modded server, i’ve not found any informations about it.


Official servers are run by Facepunch, that’s what makes them “official”

i don’t believe the “official” title is available to anyone at this stage. rustafied and a few others are not directly run by by facepunch, but are closely tied to the devs.

You become an official server by running a vanilla (although this has recently no longer been the case as the devs want to begin building up better modding support) server well enough that you impress garry and serve as a shining example of a community server run well with the flexibility to deal with alpha-software issues and most/all of the positive qualities required of a successful server admin/moderation team for a reasonably large-population server - and you happen to still be going strong when he decides he wants to add any more official servers.

Note: I am not an employee/moderator/dev, this is just my personal opinion based on my observations on how community-run official servers have been handled so far. I cannot promise you anything at all with regards to being chosen as official, but I can definitely tell you that you can’t buy your way into the official tab. It’s possible to fake your way onto the official tab by intentionally mistagging your server, but servers that do that get their IP addresses permanently blacklisted in the server list, so don’t.