How to have a weapon put an overlay on a player's screen

How would I go about drawing an overlay (a material or any distortion effect really) on the player’s screen while he wields a weapon?

Thanks guys!


Thanks bud!
While you’re here… Player:SetActiveWeapon() isn’t working for me, is there a trick? (the player has the weapon in his possession I’m trying to make him hold, but won’t equip it up when this is called)

For equipping the weapon / selecting it:

[lua]Player:SelectWeapon( weaponClass );[/lua]

If you want to call the entity:
This is the same as using the SetActiveWeapon; you need to target the entity itself.
[lua]hook.Call( “PlayerSwitchWeapon”, GAMEMODE, Player, Player:GetActiveWeapon( ), NewWeaponEntity );[/lua]

Never mind I got it: SelectWeapon was what I needed :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry didn’t see your post haha thanks though!