How to have both Rust versions (legacy and new one) ?


I play Rust for very long time, now about 1200 hours and I really enjoy it, almost no time wasted. About 700 hours were with a friend together in Legacy, he doesn’t like the New Rust. I am fine with playing Legacy as well but every time when I want to play with him, I have to download the Legacy again in Steam, why?
And when I switch back to ‘no beta’, so the new Rust, it downloads all the 1.4GB again. Just why?
Why can’t I have simply both versions installed and why does it have to uninstall always the other one when switching? I don’t have best internet with 1mb/s, it does take a while to do a quick switch.
Is there any way to simply change between the two versions without having to download all over again?

Thank yourself you’re not a Linux user. Neither Legacy nor the reboot work.

Also the main dev (Garry) has insulted us on twitter calling Linux users “second class citizens”. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, now facepunch has enough money to do what they like they have long, long gone past giving a shit what any of their player base either thinks or experiences.

Want to play as something other than a white male? Well, you have no choice. You could be a black female, you could be a white dude, but you will not get to choose.

Want to play the game on Linux instead of windows like it says you can on the fucking store page? Sorry, you’re shit out of luck. Garry has decided that supporting Linux is just too hard so go install windows. Oh, we’ll still sell it for Linux though. lol.

Want to get help fixing why it doesn’t run? Post umpteen threads/comments about it, sublit any and all log files, hell even make a youtube video of it not working. Doesn’t matter! Garry has your money so tough luck to you. If it doesn’t work, you are screwed.

Oh, and when called out about this on twitter Garry will post some picture about daily users of Linux vs other platforms. :rolleyes:

1 - Most Linux users CAN’T FUCKING PLAY so of course they aren’t going to show up as daily users.

2 - I don’t give a shit how few people bought it YOU SELL IT FOR LINUX. IT SAYS ON STEAM LINUX SUPPORTED. Don’t say you support something if you just straight up don’t.

Pretty sure it’s coming up for two months or so now since the Linux client has worked at all for me.

I wonder if Garry’s sense of shame (lol, like he has that) will induce him to remove the Linux tag from Steam? Guessing no.

Why does Garry have no sense of shame or even care about the absolute piss poor Linux support? Maybe his lack of shame or ethics is a Unity bug, right?

Go post some more snarky twitter comments Garry, we’ll all be really impressed.

(User was permabanned for this post ("rude off-topic trolling." - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("rude off-topic trolling. he never even said that 'insult' about linux users..." - postal))

Ok Troll…you didn’t answer anything the OP asked, instead you go off on a completely different tangent. GTFOH

How is it trolling? Everything I have said is 100% true.

I’m not going to stop posting about this here. I’ve tried dedicated threads. I’ve tried detailed bug reports. Everything you are going to suggest I have tried.

Probably no simple way, but I would bet there is a way to set up the files so Steam can run both. Seems like a steam question. Maybe there is a steam (reddit steam) forum you could ask. Sorry I can’t help. The simplest answer seems: you can’t have both installed easily.

I had a think about this, and it might be possible if Family Sharing is still enabled on Rust (it’s been so long since I was able to play properly I’m not up on all the news, I just come here to provide info about the continuing shit state of the Linux build).

Basically, create another account, family share the game to that account - log in as that account and install Rust Legacy, and have new Rust on your main account.

Not sure how or if this would work, but might be worth a shot, who knows.

One method, untested of course for guaranteed success!

Install whichever version you prefer first, let’s say you download and install Legacy first. You install it, then browse your way into Steam folder, and in a filepath like this (installation location might be different):
C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common

There, you should be able to find a folder named “Rust”. This will currently have Legacy version installed. You rename it to something else, let’s say “Rust Legacy”. Now, download and install Rust again, but this time, download the new version. After succesfully installing Rust, you should now have two folders called “Rust” and “Rust Legacy”.

Whenever you want to change from Experimental to Legacy, you rename current “Rust”-folder to another name, and then change “Rust Legacy” folder to simply “Rust”. Two different game installations with two different versions.

I have no proof of this working, and I’m not providing any further support. Do at your own risk.

Derailing other threads to whine about your pet peeve isn’t acceptable, just fyi. Everyone gets that you’re unhappy with the state of the Linux client but whining about it every chance you post, no matter what the thread, is only going to bring bad things to you.

Not really a “pet peeve”. The game is broken for him.

Its not that it doesn’t work a little bit. it doesn’t work at all.

That being said, this specific issue isn’t a wide spread issue with Linux. There was a game breaking error for a few weeks, but last I checked it was working fine for most Linux users.

Yes that was really good. It worked perfectly. Just you have to change two folder names when you want to change your version. Thank you very much!