How to have server restart when empty?

So, last year when I had my first ever GMod server, whenever it was empty it would reset to the commandline map.

Now, the server just cycles through all maps in rotation when empty.

Any help?

what is making your server change map when empty?

Not sure. There are about five maps through the Workshop Collection ID.

No addons that affect maps, AFAIK:

atags (tags for chat)
customcommands (more utility commands for ULX)
easyscoreboard (scoreboard tags)
bender's ttt commands for ULX
voicemeter (tag/visualization for chat icon)

If you don’t know what’s handling your map rotation (maybe something from your server host instead of an addon?) then I can’t help.

Alright, so by default servers DO reset to their commandline map when empty?

I’ll ask my host.

Not really, i’ve never heard of that behavior