How to have the same IP when I launch my server?

Hi everyone =)

I host my own server with SRCDS and it’s enough for me and my couples of friends.

But, the problem is, each time I start my server, the IP changes, and I don’t know why, so, everytime, I have to get my IP and that sucks :confused:

So my question is, is there a command or something to make so it will run with the same IP everytime? ( I use a .bat file to launch my server)

Thanks in advance, and sorry if my english is bad, I’m french.

Is the server meant to only be accessible from LAN?

Not, it’s LAN and internet

Have you considered using hamachi?

If you mean your external IP, then use a DNS like

Contact your ISP to get a static IP for your external connection, and also set a static IP address for your internal connection.

hamachi is shit

Depending on the ISP, they may charge a small fee for that. Also I believe the DNS way isn’t the best, I had to add a server to favorites each time it changed its IP, even by adding it with the DNS.

Why that? It gives you a static IP (even if it’s a VPN one) and allow your friends to join your server easily, without port forwarding most of the time.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with hamachi

rather ports than hamachi anyday, i dont want to have all my friends download it just to connect to my server.

OK if you need help really what kind of connection are you on?

And ip changes is this like your local IP like

Or your outbound IP like

If its your outbound one you will need to change settings in your router for it to keep one IP at a time.

He is likely on a residential ISP, meaning he is on a DHCP lease. You can’t change any setting in your router to permanently keep a specific IP if that is the case.


Well, if you knew that why did you tell him to do it?

I couldn’t remember and what you said refreshed my mind. Sorry took about 6 months off the tech job and so I forgot alot of needed to know things sorry.

How do you forget something that simple…

You have a certification from a high school class where you learn that there is a difference between ddr and ddr2, your job as the kid who runs computers around your school and learns to do unmanaged OS Installs is not a job and does not entitle yourself to act like it is, sorry.

On another topic, you could try setting your router/modem/whatever to a static IP (mirroring your current DHCP lease), it might work (or your Internet will die till you revert it, if their access control is that anal), but your ISP will hate you for it.

Also, stop bashing uncertified <18yrold computer nerds, that non-system has produced a lot of good results :v:

I don’t have respect for people who act like they know something when they don’t. Age has nothing to do with anything as I know a few 11-13 year olds who know so much more than the average know it all high school grad(or not) with a A+ cert because they took a shitty class where a teacher with less knowledge than the students is teaching a class straight from a textbook and where Alt+Shift+PrtScr or kids screwing with each other with Alt+F4 is hacking.

I know what I"m doing I’ve learned how to fix computers, repair computers, make system changes, remove viruses manually, and a whole lot more than you know.


I"m working on getting certified this year I’m looking forward to the $1000/wk pay.