How to HEX L4D/L4D2 skins?

I was wondering if anybody can tell me how to hex l4d/l4d2 skins.

Here’s a nice tutorial for you, what they show there is just an example of how to hex

It’s not very hard to hex models, if you know how to do it

I know how to hex models, but when I open a skin for l4d its a vpk file.

Then you’d need GCFScape to open those VPKs up

Extracting the models and materials can be a pain in the ass for the left 4 dead games, just download the ragdolls off of and hex them from there, that’s what I do.

are you planning on hexing some of mine? cause they have the source files, and some have mdldecompiler gmod for face posing on the mmd models. but they need their physics fixed…

You think you can give details on how to do it that way?

Download them off of, they will be just like other ragdolls and it’s like hexing any other model.

I tried it but it says I’m missing a model.

maybe try making it into an addon? i have no idea why sometimes when you install a model it says missing unless you make it an addon, it’s really weird, sometimes it happens to me, most of the time not though

I did make it into an addon.

you sure you’re hexing it properly? there should be some tutorials on this site as well as a few others

I hex weapons all the time, and I’ve hexed a couple of CSS ragdolls, but It’s my first time trying to hex l4d ragdolls, so I’m unsure how to do it.

it’s pretty much the same process, i totally can’t understand why this is happening then, anyone know why the missing model error happens then?

Would the model happen to say at the front in the hex line something like IDST 1 or 0? I believe your supposed to change it, whatever it was. It it’s 0 put 1, it it’s 1 put 0, I don’t remember.