How to hex?

well… hello guys… lately i was thinking… HOW THE HELL Do you hex materials? Like retextures? I mean… i know how to hex models but not materials >_> so anyone help?

Im not so sure what you are asking for, theres…too many…dots.

If you want to change the name of the material file, I can help you with that :slight_smile:

Same here, what do you mean? Also why not to use comma (,) instead of 3x(.)
Anyways, did you mean like make textures?

They would have named the thread “How to hex?” if they wanted to make textures.

Hex, usualy means changing the name of an existing file so that it can be used without conflict from other files. Something to the effect of that

If you want to hex the model, heres how you do it.

  1. Locate the Material Files you want to “hex”
    There should be a .VMF and a .VTF
  2. Double click on the .VMF file.
    A window should come up saying that

There are no programs associated with such a file
○ Find a program that can open this file from the internet
○ Select a program from a list of programs

Click "Select a program from a list of programs"
  1. In the list of programs, Look for “Note Pad”. Select Note Pad, and click okay.
    Dont worry, its a normal looking, readable file.
  2. Among the values you will see,
    You will see something like

$TextureOrigin "materials/<other folders/><mat name>"

Change the *mat name* to the name you want. You can also change the folder directory while you are here.
  1. Save your changes and close. Now, Change the name of the .VMF you just edited and the .VTF, To the new mat name!
    ur done