How to hide green circle at prop_effect?

Hello everyone.

How to hide green circle at prop_effect when you are holding physgun?

P.S. Sorry for my English.

Look into and edit prop_effect in base gamemode and extract the edited version to your servers darkrp?entities/entities/

Robotboy655, thanks. I’ll try.
and that isn’t dark RP :slight_smile: I know HUD stolen, but al code is my, cuz designer in me died before conception

I think it is some kind of GmodZ

GmodZ? it’s a mod of darkRP?
idk… I just decided to write from scratch RP and do not deny that he looks like a DarkRP, just as there is a lot of plagiarism from other servers … crafting, tuning, etc … well, but I think it’s bad, because in general it will look quite finished picture :slight_smile:

Sorry my English is bad, i know