How to hide map boarders.

So, I, making an evocity sized city map, so be it has hardly any woodland, just a big port, and industrial area etc, but, the sea is one invisible wall and it blends in well, but the issue I have is, the back of the city, I don’t like tunnels with barricades or low fences that could clearly be jumped other.

What I’m asking is, any suggestions on how I could hide the the other boarders with out low level fences or cliffs?

You could be creative with the lore for the city and place barbed wire fences to create a no mans land / check point .

Some one said about a train track, but i like the fence more :stuck_out_tongue:

Large highway overpasses on solid foundations with tunnels connecting? But you said no tunnels hm…

Don’t mind tunnels just I don’t like it when they have barriers for no given reason.

you could make a tunnel with barriers on front of it and the tunnel would have collapsed and so that would be a good reason for barriers