How to hide my gmod server from master list

Id like to hide my server from master list but still be classed as dedicated and people can connect via IP only.

change your gamemode name to something unique, then nobody will ever see or join it
but seriously, why not just use a password? spread the pass on a steam group or something so your loyals know it but pubshit can’t get in

You would probably be best off making it password protected.

is there not another way?

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maybe a commandline thing or something?

As far as I know, no. Just save yourself the hassle and make it password protected, I do not understand why you would want to hide it so badly. You do not have to give it a name that stands out either, especially if it is a server only people you know will use, just call it “Garry’s Mod” or something like that.

better yet, you can use a steam protocol including the password

hey Scratch,

What i want to do it for is my secret :stuck_out_tongue: but basically i want it online and players can join via my website button that sends to the gmod and makes them connect but i dont want it showing in the master list. Is there somehting that says in the dedicated server to connect to the master list like

connect masterip:port

to make it connect to the master server and if i change that ip it will send queries to a dud ip and if someone connects via my hosted servers ip it allows them to connect?

Just password the server but leave the password easily accessable for people to use it.

Then set your gamemode to be called a random name so its not listed highly on the server list.

I don’t see the problem here

I have my reasons, I just dont want it to show at all, like a private server without a password…

With inherit functionality, it’s not possible. It may be possible with a C++ module that blocks A2S requests, but I hardly know enough on the topic to speak with certainty.

Aww bugger… anyone know what he is talking about? Haha…

Here’s a pretty simple whitelisting script you can use that’ll mean only certain people can join, and you won’t need a password.
local allowed = {
[“1234567890”] = true,
[“9876543210”] = true,

hook.Add(“CheckPassword”, “Whitelist”, function(id)
if allowed[id] return true end
return false, “This is a private server!”

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Put it in lua/autorun/server and it’ll just work

You could block Valves IP ranges which would force it to not show up on the masterlist, This is usually from my experience. Blocking A2S would stop it showing up in places, but it’s still “listed” in the masterlist to query.

Hey mr krabz

So if i block those in my firewall it will still allow for players to connect via ip but not show in the masterlist? Ill give it a shot :slight_smile:

Should do, blocking that subnet will prevent it being listed on the masterlist. However, that exact range may not be correct as Valve own quite a large range of IP’s. However, communication from Valve servers are within that subnet for me (On a UK and US server).

Awesome, anyone know any other ips valve uses so i can block them too?

Their ASN is AS32590, so just look any up within there.

Whats ASN?

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Ah nevermind i worked out what it was, thanks! If i set a custom port outside the normal gmod range would that work?

sv_region -1???

Works on css, no reason it shouldn’t work on gmod.

sv_region is unreliable now with the GMod server list. Not sure if -1 works.