How To Hide My Server From Serverlist(master Servers)

i wanna remove my server from serverlists and masterservers .
Please Help Me .
Because I have DDOS in my server .
Tnx Guys
Sorry For Bad english

Whitelist it. See a few posts below with the same question

Brother i wanna hide my Server from Rust Serverlist Not For Players.
Whitelist useable for players not serverlists

Honestly, i would suggest just getting a better server provider. One which actually pays for and has DDoS protections in place.

I have a dedi on and when it gets DDoS’d it’s literally only null routed ( aka ) taken offline no more than 5 minutes and when it comes back up it’s stopped, until it happen again.

I don’t know if they change IPs or what for server attacks but has never let me down.

Or maybe its the fact they have a premium internap network, all the way up to 70GBPS. Dunno.

What’s nfoservers’ ping to


I’m not sure Iran’s game hosting services are necessarily as developed and sophisticated as those on the English-speaking Internet – due to Iranian internet controls, not some sort of nationalistic bs.

All the Koreans and chines seem to play just fine on our american servers lol.