How to hook up a PS3 controller to work with GMOD?

I really want to play FIght TO Survive: Stronghold or TTT or Jailbreak with a PS3 controller As well as CSS and TF2 but I have no clue and I trust Facepunch over Google; So could I have some

First you need to purchase a controller with a USB adapter to plug it into the actual computer. Then you need to download software that allows you to emulate keystrokes through controller buttons. There are a good lot of them, but I see “MotionJoy” used the most. Simply set up MotionJoy to emulate the pressing of certain keys when you use your controller and you’re good to go.

On an unrelated note, I wouldn’t recommend using a controller for it, you get much more precision via a mouse and keyboard, and if you play competitively, most of the time you won’t be up to par.

Since the post has the words “PS3” and “Controller” in them… you can scratch out the 1st part. PS3 controllers come with USB adapters.

EDIT: Nevermind… you were listing the steps…

I got all of them, and motionjoy, set it up in game, and I can do everything just fine except looking up and down.

In Counter Strike: Source

That’s not a Gmod issue, so I wouldn’t ask that here. A quick Google search will help you, thought I’m sure MotionJoy, or some other website, shows what keys on the PS3 controller amount to a MOUSE_DOWN and MOUSE_UP.

Thanks guys