How to host 2 servers on 1 computer?

Hi. I currently have a server running on my computer and I’m trying to host another. How do i host 2 servers at 1 time?

Change the port the second one runs on to 27016
-port 27016 on the command line startup I think.

How do I do that. Sorry i’m just new to porting.

If I recall correctly, if you attempt to start up another instance of srcds it will set itself to the next free port.

Add +port 27016 to your command line.

I’ve tried -port 27016 and +27016 in my command line and it didn’t work.

It’s +port 27016 not +27016, also that port has to be open or else it’s just local server.

didn’t work what, you have open the 27016 port? (When i need to create multiple servers, i just open multiple instance and srcds auto-select the ports)

It is -port <port> and not +port <port>. Ports are engine parameters and not console commands and thus has to use -

Also, make sure 27016 & possibly 27017 ports are open. For me, it goes to 27017 when I start another for some reason.

This covers it:

But everyone else is right… You can manually set the port, or you can just open up another server on the same port ( and the server will say the port is in use, and select the next free such s 27016, etc… )

How much time did you spend on making that tutorial?

Was the time taken to write it a waste?

Thanks for the link, Acecool. People constantly ask me questions relating to server hosting and it’ll come in handy when I can just send this to them.

Any-time. The link locations may change in the near future when my site is back up. In the meantime, the FastDL tutorial may help too: