How to host a PHP5 compatible web server


I am trying to add Steam Group Rewards along with my new Flat Load loading screen but I am absolutely clueless on how to do so.

I’ve looked up on it for about 3 hours now and found nothing, and I know that is the only way to host them.

Could someone link me some free PHP5 hosting sites that are easy to use or some instructions please.

Thank you.

Hosting dynamic content is basically never free. Try something cheap like One Pound WebHosting.

So basically all of this php web hosting shit is required if you want to use their loading screen?

It looks that way. On the bright side though, you can do a lot more with a webhost than just show a loading screen. You can have a website with news about your server, forums, a shoutbox and so on. A guy I know uses ShareX to host screenshots on his. Not bad for £1/mo