How To Host Your Own Experimental Rust Server

This is for Windows ONLY! There is another thread covering most of the steps for a linux system!

Title says it all.

Visit the Google Doc we made below and enjoy!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

***** We only made it a Google doc so that MistaD and I may edit it at anytime and not only depend on one of us. ******

Where’s the Linux version? :wink: Knowing what its appid in SteamCMD would be a start.

Edit: Just saw the other thread. This one seems… redundant.

Can’t i just give you my credit card number do we really need to go through the hassle of virus. jk

People are weird about the Virus stuff nowadays. If we need to we will add the linux version as well but if your using linux you should already understand how to do this. This is for those lazy people on windows that cant figure things out on there own.

The “Server Installer” link are offline, have another link?


Fixed - Problems with are server host atm. Sorry about that.

I recommend using bigscoots, I host all of my sites with them. Very great. Let me know when it is back online, because it is still down for me. Trying the live version as well, but without luck.

My bad. Should be good now. Didn’t copy the link completely.

** Put file on TinyUpload for the time being until we sort out web host issues. **

Do you guys know how to force the port? I’m using the Linux build and for some reason it’s giving me a random port in the 55000 range. I have tried with every variance of -port I can think of and none seem to work.

Works like a charm. Thank you!

In the CMD have you tried server.port? If so we managed to get port 1337 working properly if you would like to try that.


Do you know where I can find a full list of command line variables?

server.port doesn’t seem to do anything either. Very odd…

Just updated the DOC with known commands.

can you post screenshot of your console jasonm0928? Also what linux distro are you using?

this list is the most complete i have seen up to yet

Yah Kulan I put it in my DOC crediting him for that list! Saved me time from actually typing out the list.

I followed Kulans url but just so you know, it does not work in your DOC: No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

Odd, its only an internal link. Well I just pasted the list itself in the doc then.

Thats google for you.


Just saw this issue. It looks like server is loading fine, and people can connect to it (my friend tried)

but I have set: +server.maxplayers 50

and yet the server changes to 244 slots (probably the maximum allowed or something) and Stops the server.

Any clue of what might cause this?

I have tried this with +server.port -server.port, etc. Also many other options and nothing makes a difference… It’s Ubuntu 14.04… Trying to do a client.connect to the machine fails as well…

jasonm@jasonm:~/steam/rust$ ./RustDedicated -batchmode +server.port 29015
Set current directory to /home/jasonm/steam/rust
Found path: /home/jasonm/steam/rust/RustDedicated
Mono path[0] = ‘/home/jasonm/steam/rust/RustDedicated_Data/Managed’
Mono path[1] = ‘/home/jasonm/steam/rust/RustDedicated_Data/Mono’
Mono config path = ‘/home/jasonm/steam/rust/RustDedicated_Data/Mono/etc’
PlayerConnection initialized from /home/jasonm/steam/rust/RustDedicated_Data (debug = 0)
PlayerConnection initialized network socket : 55411
Multi-casting “[IP] [Port] 55411 [Flags] 2 [Guid] 253863280 [EditorId] 2336916401 [Version] 1048832 [Id] LinuxPlayer( [Debug] 0” to []…
PlayerConnection already initialized - listening to []