How to i configure Model Viewer(SDK) To Open Gmod Files

Is it even possible to configure SDK like this?
I know this is a Garrysmod question but i have a model i made and i want to test to see if the texture is proper
Is there anyway to configure the Model Viewer tool in SDK to open up Garrysmod Models?

If you could, can you provide pictures? I didn’t sleep and im a tad tired
Ill read it anyway, but pictures always help

Do you know how to configure it for other games/mods? If so do the same, but find the gameinfo.txt in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

If you don’t know how, open your SDK in the tools tab of Steam and click on edit game configurations then type Garry’s Mod in the name (first) box and for the second box use the browse button (the one with “…” on it) to find the gameinfo.txt file in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder, highlight it and click ok, then ok. Then set it to Orange Box on the engine drop down list and it should be configured correctly for GMod.

I’m not going to do pictures because you should be able to figure it out from what i’ve said (hopefully) and it takes way too much time, which I don’t have spare, to do.

Could i also just copy and paste my Addons/Materials/Models folder into my HL2 directory?

Otherwise thanks

You’d need the models aswell, but tbh I doubt that would work too well (but it probberly would work, kinda pointless though).

yeah copy and pasting 2 hours worth of stuff isn’t worth it