How to i port models from GTA IV?

I was wondering how i would port .wtf and .wtd into 3ds Max thanks!

Use SparkIV. Which can export model files as .smd and all textures.

Thanks, but when i use sparkiv i get an error cause it doesnt know where the files for gtaiv are.

I’d tell you where the files are, but I haven’t played GTA IV on PC for a while, so I’ve kinda forgotten.

i know where my GTAIV files are, the program doesn’t.

To edit models from GTA IV you need to download OpenIV and GIMS. You can search Youtube to find out how to export/import using these programs. Also I don’t believe wft files are supported. So if you’re trying to edit a vehicle you need to export with Zmodeler, but you can model in 3ds Max and then open up your files in Zmodeler. Hope this helps



yes i already tried that, there is no support for wft files.

Then direct it to the files. My experience of Spark IV is you have to manually open the files, clicking browse causes the sonuvabitch to stop responding.

Can you send me the versions you have cause it says that its not compatible and i have tried like 100 different versions

I said earlier that I don’t play the PC version of IV anymore. And I don’t particularly feel like reinstalling just to provide a few game files. I know, kinda mean, but it’s nearly 9PM in my country, and I wanna do a few things before the day is out…

As a hint though, did you try downloading the latest update for IV, then try and find the latest version of SparkIV? Because that’s what I remember doing, and it worked like a charm back then.

nvm i got it, thanks everyone.