How to import a model from Cinema 4D to GMod?

Hello, this topic has probably been made before, but I just wanted to know a good way to. I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials and I just need to find a straight forward one. So, I have a rigged model in Cinema 4D with the joint structures and everything and I wanted to ya know find a way to get it into garry’s mod. This would be my fast time and I do catch onto stuff fast so, any help is appreciated. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Anyone o-o?

Huh, C4D Eh? Err, could export the model and rig into something such as 3DSmax and go from there no?

Edit: Taking wild stabs in the dark here, I don’t know jack-all about C4D so just trying to point you in a possible direction that could help.

I got 3Ds Max just in case. Do I just export it as a .smd and then what ._.

Then you should compile the smd with a model compiler but I don’t know much from there.


Here is what I have so far. Its just a prop tho XD Still trying to figure out how to add the texture.

I think you have to convert the texture into a vtf and use VTFedit to create a vmt of it.

Here is some other links that could help, pay attention to the moddb one especially as it gives you a tutorial on materials aswell

I have the textures in the materials folder and model in the models folder. I’m not getting any texture errors in the console, but it still shows no textures.

Edit: nvm I keep getting this "Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)

I use c4d for all of my stuff. What I normally do is after I have all the textures on the model, I make sure they are names that I can easily remember. I then export it as a .dae file, and import it into blender. When I am done rigging it, I export and compile it for the source engine. If you do it this way make sure the name of your texture you used in c4d, is the name of the texture in the material folder. If you open a .smd file with notepad it will tell you what texture name is assigned to what vertices and stuff.