"How to improve Rust"? Suggestion

So guys i have a crazy idea for rust.Its just my opinion so i want to hear what you think.
Obviously Rust needs to add more stuff to the game, im not saying the game isnt good but, after I had 100+ hours i think its time for a change.
My idea is: you will be able to build a boat to sail to a different Islands.his its own animals,resources etc…
Maybe in one island it will be snowing and you will have to wear hot clothes or you will be freezing to death.
There will be weapons and stuff thet we will have to craft from different things in different islands.
And the last thing, i think the game needs more customization for the weapons and more kinds of clothes and stuff.
Im aware thets the game is only an alpha but these ideas are good to have in the future.
so what od you think? :slight_smile:

Very good idea i wish they will add it because if they want car,planes so they need more profit
by the way love the name :slight_smile:

I think it’s a very good idea because the map is so tiny for a survival game so you need more places to survive and more difficult. if they will add it than is be great…
But again they need to expand the map I can remember the map, all of it. Take DayZ for example, this game has a huge map and it’s fun (not like RUST of course but it’s fun because of the space of the map).

The current map isn’t finished yet, I feel they should finish one map before they start another but i’m sure they mentioned on the reddit AMA that other maps could be released in the far far future possible with the idea of entirely new terrain, jungles, deserts and snow.

build a boat and sail to other islands (servers) - sounds like wurm online (which is not a bad thing)

looking forward to snow maps :smiley:

More comments guys!
I want thet everybody will know this idea! share it with friends! :slight_smile:

I don’t think we need more islands , then you really don’t know how big this one is…

Sort of like biomes you mean right?

I’d prefer a game with works…like foundations wont break and server which saves and doesnt rollback for 2 weeks…or people nocliping through walls and ceilings…or bases under foundations…invisible trees? :smiley:

You realise the current map is their Alpha Test map right? This isn’t going to be the map they use, that’s already been confirmed by the devs. Why would they waste time developing any map additions at this point?


Has anyone seen the size of the whole island? It’s massive. Most of the maps on the net only show a fraction of it.

I mean the populated area is roughly 1/15th of the entire map.