How to increase damage a player does

Is there any way to change the damage a player does, such as getting the damage the player does already and multiplying by 2 or 3?

Nice little tabular way to do it:

[lua]local player_scales = {
[“STEAM:000”] = 1.5,
[“STEAM:001”] = 0.5,

if attack:IsPlayer() and player_scales[attack:SteamID()] then
dmg:ScaleDamage( player_scales[attack:SteamID()] )

That will work clientside right? Because i’m going to try and use it as a perk.

There is no way of scaling damage on the client.



No its server side. Are you making the perk for single player or like a gamemode?

A Gamemode

MakeR’s right, modifying damage is serverside only. Why do you need the perk to be clientside? The particular version I gave you will scale it differently for different players.

Then you can still use it as a perk you just have to set it up in the server side of things.

Should I just link it to a console command and use RunConsoleCommand on the Derma panel clientside then?

ya thats the best way.

Just make sure you check if a player is allowed to use the perk, otherwise you get abusers.