How to increase pointshop items

Hey, I just downloaded pointshop and I can’t seem to figure out how to add more than the amount of items you can buy. Thanks!

Copy one of the default item lua files, rename it, and edit it to your liking.

What? I’m just trying to change the amount of items you can buy.

Code, I think he’s meaning buy in bulk.

You click, asks how many you wish to purchase.

So the default amount of items you can wear is 2. How do I change it?

Okay. Apparently I was wrong.

Mezzy, you need to get what you want man, nobody wants a basic bitch.

On a serious note: In the _category.lua you can change how many they wear.

Thank you! But all of a sudden after I changed it it said that “CATEGORY” Was all of a sudden a nil value?

Just change map. Something that just happens.

Thank you so much for everything!