how to increate fps in game

Hello, tell me plz how to increase fps in game becouse , all time fps other . try set graphic setting but not happen . try set drow distance again not help . anyone know how fix ? 660 ti , 8 ram i5, 3,4ghz

the new update fucked the fps in the game

Could you post your processor and video card please.

Also, when rust launches, set the settings to “simple”.

FPS drop’s could be as simple as your graphic’s card overheating, or not being a good enough card. I actually had to update my graphic’s card just to play.

The game also take’s a large amount of ram to run, 6 G’s I was told, I installed 3 G’s of “fake ram” from a private government website, which act’s as a memory placeholder for ram, and I am now able to run the game perfectly. If your interested in the upgrading of RAM just add me on steam, SNAK.

fake ram? i’ve never heard of this before! tell me more

Jesus Christ people fall for this? lmao

This is how you get the fake ram, keep in mind if your computer start’s running weird then I reccomend (and so does the site) that you turn it off.

anyways post the summery this gives you

I diden’t think it was possible either, but please don’t post unless you have an actual understanding of it :stuck_out_tongue:

considering you’re on Vista and you’re “Downloading ram” I don’t exactly expect you to understand computers very well to begin with.

It worked fine for me, and I am now able to play the game when b4 I did it I was unable too. Maybe you don’t exactly understand computer’s and your just talking trash like you do in most of your posts? Please, unless you’ve actually tried it and seen for yourself, your just making yourself look very dumb.

That’s not “fake” RAM. It’s telling Windows to allocate more of the 4GB of RAM on your system towards user memory space instead of reserved system space.

If you don’t have a 32-bit version of Windows and 4GB of RAM, this does nothing at all for you.

Calling it “fake ram” is a sure-fire way of looking like you don’t understand what you’re talking about and are linking things as if they’re voodoo gypsy magic, not measured changes to your system with the understanding of the risks and benefits involved.

I think you’ll have better luck here guy

Oops, didnt read your response 100%.

reported for warez :stuck_out_tongue: