How to insert blender model on gmod?

Hi to everybody, I would want to try to insert a model on gmod but I don’t find anybody guide. Attention, the models that I would want to insert in the game are not those that I find in the site of garry’smod.
I use blender to be able to see these models in few words unloaded 2 files (object and mdl usually) and inserting them in blender I see the model with the texture but I don’t know just as to compile him/it and to insert him/it in gmod.
Can someone give me a guide on as to do please?
Another thing compiling the model I can use the tools as finger poser and face poser?

One does not simply ‘insert’ a blender model into gmod.

Also, I couldn’t really understand much of what you said in your description of your situation.

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