How to insert pictures/images

Hi there,

So I’ve recently started out with GMod and getting used to placing various objects and started making out a small little map of my own. During the process I’m trying to get a picture up on the wall, kind of like a poster, lets say of a cat. Meow. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

Is there a simple or pretty easy way of doing this?

Searching for this hasn’t produced much success other that people’s screenshots of their maps or pictures of what they look like :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

Unless you mean sprays, you can’t do this. Instead, press ESC, go to Options, then along to the Multiplayer tab. You’ll see sprays there which you can browse for. Sprays have to be 256x256 and .vtf for the best quality.

If you mean that you want to add pictures to your files you upload to then just place the jpegs in the file’s root directory.

It’s called decal.

To make a decal with your image, you need to convert it to a texture.


I think he is talking about custom textures/images in maps.

whosdr has it dead on. I was looking to place just custom images into the maps. Sprays is not what I want for sure. I was reading up on using Decals but I thought they didn’t stay on a map and I was unable to figure out how util.Decal worked but I believe you have to use that command in a script?

I just can’t seem to get a Decal to be placed but maybe this is the route I want to go and will look into it some more here.

Oh, sorry. I have no experience with map making so I can’t help you there. :frown:

If converted to vtf, and placed with a vmf in the materials directory, hammer should allow you to use it on your map. Just be sure to include the textures in the right path for any releases. has plugins to allow you to convert the files.

I’ve had no experience with vmf though.

Select the Decal Tool


Select the texture you want to use as decal.
Click on something in the 3D-View. Decal should be there.

He isn’t trying to figure out how to use decals, he’s trying to find out how to add images into the game.