How to install addons!

To install Garrys Mod addons you must right click your gmod icon on your desktop and select properties. Once through there another screen will pop up and ou then will look for steamaps>“username”>Garrys mod>Garrys mod>Addons.

Part Two) Then go to the addon you want and select “download mirror 1” and open it. after that drag the folder to addons! if it doesn’t have an info text click on the folder, if it doesnt have it still, it might need to go into JUST the garrysmod>garrysmod.
Same thing but instead click on maps then drag that to the folder unless told other wise bro!

What if the file doesn’t have an “info.txt”?

Do you really have to go around creating unnecessary threads to help “new people” which is already common sense to everyone?

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Installing addons is simple. If the folder inside has the “info.txt” file, then just move the folder from the .ZIP file window to your “\steam\steamapps[your steam log-in name]\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons” directory.


it probably goes in steamaps>username>gmod>gmod and done unless it says other wise, give me the link bro.

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Um you should know that people with a IQ over 1 should already know how to place ad-dons in the ad-dons folder.

Every one starts somewhere dude. i’m here to help the new,

Your join date: December 2009

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And frankly, bad grammar and spelling won’t help anyone.

I love how most if not all new people to gmod completely ignored the wiki.

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Waaaaaaayyyyyyy too many tutorials like this one.


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No, like you said WAAAAYYY to fucking many tutorials. Which should be included in the game rather online here.

I downloaded nuke pack 4, put everything in the addon’s folder (I have 8 info files, is that a problem?), i opened Gmod, and there was nothing there. I checked under entities and everything, but theres nothing. I can’t get any addons to work for Gmod at all, and i have done some research it all says the same thing: Put into steamaps>“username”>Garrys mod>Garrys mod> addons, but nothing.

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If you’re extracting everything inside the folder to the “\steam\steamapps[your steam log-in name]\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons”, you’re doing it wrong. You need to move the actual folder (that contains the info.txt and other various files), not only whats inside it.

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you dont put the Info files in though, just the folders.


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