How to install addons!

If you have no idea on how to install addons please keep reading. This guide will show to step by step on how to install GMod addons. If an addon still doesn’t work post a link to it here and I’ll try to help. Lets begin with the guide shall we?


I hope this guide has helped all the noobs that are having troubles. If you still need help post here or add me on Steam.

Your process for III is BAD JUJU.

The REAL process you should do is:
0. Download this and install this. (I will make an exe for this script at some point)

  1. Put the folders in some folder on your desktop.
  2. Put the first thing you downloaded in Step 2 (from Google Code) in this folder and run it.
  3. Fill in the fields as you know them.

You now have an addon with an info.txt file. Enjoy.

People shouldn’t have to install another program for the privilege of using an addon in my opinion. (Unless it’s SVN) Whatever floats your boat though, right?

That’s why I plan on making an exe version at some point. Then you wouldn’t need to install the Python interpreter.

IS there a GMod wiki page about this?

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i did both steps 2 and 3, but i still couldnt find it in the brouse menu.what would it be listed under?

Go to “My Computer”.

Well you can also not be a lazy ass and create or even copy a info.txt from another addon.

Any help? wiki link

seriously? this thread exists? i found out how to put addons on gmod just by exploring my folders! and it was even harder to do then most because i am using a mac and crossover games.

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