How to install darkrp

Hi i have a new server and i want to install dark rp can someone provide a link on how to install it i searched but can’t find any.

Apparently you didn’t search that hard.

Okay now how do idownload these.

Where it says ZIP. Click it with your left mouse button.

I feel very stupid thank you

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I extracted it in my gamemodes on garys mod folder but nothings happening.

hm, so first you ask where to find it, then you ask where to download, now you’re asking us how to install it.

before using us as you’re dogs at least try to do some work yourself bud

“I extracted it in my gamemodes on garys mod folder but nothings happening.”

can you not read i already did try and now it’s not working i am honestly thinking this is the worst forums ever

holy shit dude

give us more info

all we know is that you extracted it, but you can’t even be fucked to tell us anything more than that, not even google it yourself.

But fine, go ahead, leave. It’s not going to be any worse off without you.

Nothings happening as in it’s still in sand box game mode…

I was expecting “Where’s the left mouse button?”

You need to rename the folder.

Did you change the gamemode -.-

You honestly shouldn’t even be messing with this if you can’t even install a simple gamemode…

Nah, it’s darkrp