How to install Evolve Admin Mod on steamcmd server ( srcds ) now ?

Hello guys,

I have created a sandbox server with steamcmd ( srcds )
I want to install the admin tool Evolve. But if I copy the folder of Evolve in my addons folder of my game and the server, I get Script errors. The same is, if I install Evolve with SVN…

What can I do now ? There are no admin tools in workshop or something, so I can’t download there :confused:

Sorry for my english… I’m from germany

Wrong section - this section is for releases only. Ask questions here.

Although this is the wrong section. I’ll still answer your question. Which version of evolve are you using?
There’s only one version that partly/mostly works in gmod 13. However, there is alternates such as
ULX ( and Exsto (

I use now Revision 49 and it works… But it tells me, there is a newer version of evolve… But if I install the newer version ( ) then I get script errors and I get kicked from the server ( Too many lua errors. Sorry. )

Evolve is a dead admin modification; it hasn’t officially been worked on for a while and from what I can tell barely functions.

Your best bet is to either:
-Use one of the other public admin mods such as ULX or Exsto like mentioned above which are user friendly, have most of the commands evolve have and work.


-Make your own or request someone to make you an admin system if you’re in dire need of one and don’t wish to use ULX or other public admin mods.