How to install Gmod addons like a pro

You’ve probably seen the thousands of awesome looking things at your disposal on, but when you try to install them they don’t show up, what the hell? Well I have a guide for you.

You may have had success with dragging whichever folder feels right into the addons folder but I’m going to teach you a little bit of information on how these addons work so that the things you download will work everytime.

Take a look in your Garry’s Mod folder, usualy located at
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourname\garrysmod\garrysmod
That’s not a typo there is an additional garrysmod folder inside the garrysmod folder.

You’ll most likely see several folders which may or may not consist of
and/or several others

Garry’s Mod addons are made up of many little pieces, map files which hold maps, models that work as props you spawn, materials for the surfaces on the model, lua scripts that make it all work, and more. All source engine games(Garry’s Mod, Team Fortress 2, CSS, Half-Life 2, and many more) use their own variation of this structure.

Due to the sandbox nature of Garry’s Mod there are much more complicated addons to use with it. Since many addons consist of hundreds or even thousands of little files Garry made the addons folder for gmod.

This is where things get a little confusing(mostly due to similar names). The addons folder(an actual folder named “addons” allows you to easily organize addons having each in their own folder, rather then with thousands of mixed up little files.

Let’s look at a popular(and fun) Gmod download, The “Hoverboard Final”

After clicking on just one of the three Mirror choices we get the addon downloaded to our computer in a .zip format. All three mirrors get you the same addon so choose whichever one works best for you. Let’s see what we got.

At this stage we have to determine how we install the file. It’s a lot easier then it sounds to determine. Upon opening the “hoverboard” folder we can see what’s inside. For this addon we see this inside

We can see that in this case we have several specific folders(data, lua, materials, and models) and an info.txt file. When we see the info.txt file we know that it goes on the “addons folder” so we drag the entire “hoverboard” folder into your Garry’s Mod addons folder. When properly installed we will see the hoverboard folder inside addons like this.

The addon format you’ve seen in the last section is the most popular way to package addons, here are some other arrangements you might encounter and how to properly install them. If you see no info.txt and just a .bsp file then you simply drag it into the maps folder.

This guide should have you well on your way to installing 98% of popular Garry’s Mod addons, but if you have any questions feel free to post. Grammatical corrections are also welcome.

Yeah! I can drag folders like a pro now!

Fuck yes.
Dragging folders like a pro.
I already knew this, but it is very good of you to release this.
It should help with some of the spam.
You get a wrench.

Yeah but it will help for new people and I can link people to it.

That’s kinda what I mean, it will cut down on things like “how do I install addons” and “addon not working.”
Yes. Anyway, tis a good thing you’ve done.

Sticky this please, it’s a good tutorial for the 9 year old kids who can’t figure it out.

I’d like you to expand, to show how to put folders without an addon format into an addon.
I know this myself, but many do not

Aka, folder name, info.txt.

Ok, I dragged the whole hoverboard folder into addons, yet when it appears in Gmod, it’s only a model… howcome?

It should also be either an entity, or a tool.

i bought garrys mod off of steam. should i have that folder because i dont

Have you launched Garry’s Mod yet?

Useful for younger users.


I wish I had read this a couple months ago. wrench’d

Yeah I’m having a bit of an issue…
I downloaded two popular pokemon (I know, I’m a fag) packs with pokemon ragdolls inside, meowth ragdolls, and spy & sniper player models.
I unzipped them all and put them in my addons folder, but none of the above have appeared on GMod when I play single player.

Could anyone help me with this? Here are the links to the things I downloaded to get a better idea of my problem:

Also I checked the info.txt files and I still couldn’t figure out where to put em.