How to install mods on Vilayer Server Hosting?

Hey I was wondering how to do it. When I go into file manager and go to addons I click upload but it will only let me upload a file not a whole folder which I need to do. Also mod manager doesnt seem much help either. So if anyone has knowledge of Vilayer please help :).

ok first of all you need to get a ftp client go to and download the filezilla client once you install it enter you ftp info in the boxes at the top of the program for your hostname put your ftp address you can find it on gameservers on the side bar then service information on the top bar. you will see in the service information tab ftp: followed by a number that number is your hostname so put that in your hostname box. for you username use the one that villayer assigned for you. if you look on your side bar it will say logged in as: and then your username. for your password use the one that you use to log into your villayer control panel. for you port you can use 21 or leave it blank and it will do it automatically. once it says directory listing successful you should be able to click a folder on the bottom right box that will let you browse through your server the rest you should know how to install addons and understand the directories to drag an entire folder in just drag it from your desktop and into the bottom right window to the folder you want. if you still don’t understand just Google it or watch a video on YouTube.

-hope this gets your server back on its feet.