how to install non .gma addons to a server?

i dont host the server, i am buying it from a host.

I want to install HatsChat but i ussaly just put in .gma files and use the built in extractor but when i add the folder (there is no hatschat .gma) into my addons and restart it dosent work please sorry for being a nub

Shove it into addons/ folder.

I’ve been doing that, maybe because im zipping it and then unzipping it?

Unzipping and Rezipping should not have effects on your file overall, but the files should be unzipped in the addons folder.

File paths can look something like this

I googled a video for you not the best example, but the visual may help.

The youtuber unzipped the addon directly into the addons folder and was good to go. In most cases that is all you will need to do with any free addon.

You can just drop the addons in there with the .gma extension. Just make sure they are named “ds_<workshopid>.gma” where <workshopid> should be replaced with the number. You can find this by going to the workshop page of that addon amd looking at it’s URL. On an iPad now so can’t check for you.

If you’re going to just be unzipping and rezipping, you should just use a legacy addon.