How to install playermodels to fastdl

I am trying to add playermodels to my fastdl…But can i get everything step by step?I use my friends webserver for the fastdl.He added all the models i need to that site but it doesn’t want to work…

Heard that you cant add stuff from the addons folder i made a new “Models” folder and added the models there…But still no

When i go to the server it only downloads one models 4 materials idk why lol

I just need to know step by step how to add playermodels to fastDL|

I tried to add the resource file to lua autorun But nah still doesn’t work

Please help

Thank you,Rojus

How about you provide some code, the URL to the actual FastDL, and the URL you specified in server.cfg.

Well, there’s your issue. Your fastdl isn’t setup correctly. Read through the old wiki but skip anything that has with “cache” to do as that is removed from GM13.