How To Install PointShop2 To A Dedicated Server?

Hey i recently bought a Gmod server and i am hosting TTT of it but i also bought Pointshop2 i followed the instructions and put Pac3, Pointshop2, and LIBK in the addons folder, sadly the only thing that worked was in ULX i could give people points and i am not sure how to open point shop, Thanks -Toko.

F3 should open it. Make a support ticket on the script’s gmodstore page or follow the instructions from the creator if you think it’s broken.

And please, don’t bother us with “I’ve already sent him, but he doesn’t want to reply”, kamshak is really helpfull with people that actually bought the script
We are not going to fix a purchased script

Is your server running on a Linux machine? If so, check if addons’ directories (folders) have lowercase names. So, not ‘Pointshop2’ but ‘pointshop2’ etc.

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Also, check console for errors. You can post startup log here, that’d give a lot of information.

Add -condebug to srcds startup options to make it save console logs to a file.