how to install swep bases

i want the vortex weapons so can you help

Do you need help downloading the SVN trunk for the SWEP bases?

Why a ps3 icon?

oh, you are a noob.

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Says the guy who still actually uses the word “noob”.

Also, a link to the “SWEP bases” would be nice.

I think he means this.

Thanks. I tried googling it myself, but failed :saddowns:

1 ps3 is the supier system and 2 i know the link but how to install it

What are you trying to say?

Formatted in a way so that Humans can actually read it:

Now, here is where I respond:

Ps3 is NOT Superior, They are both pretty well matched.

You install things that use SVN with a program called TortoiseSVN (I think thats what its called)

Yeah, it’s called Tortoise SVN.

People need to learn how to use this.

ya but still ps3 had a great year this year of 2009

But SWEP bases has nothing to do with PS3.

Yeah, this forum has nothing to do with the ps3.

It does. Alot of people talk about PS3 in the games section.

You know what’s funny? You can always tell whether a thread is a help thread or a request thread by the absence or presence of grammar in the thread title.