How to join a server?

Hi everybody,
I’m probably going to win the stupidest question contest. How do I join a server? I enter in the game, click on play game, wait for the server list lo load and then? I’ve tried to click, right click, double click, triple click on the server name, but nothing happen. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you

press F1 (console opens) click on a server in your serverlist and post the screenshot of the console output.

Solved! Here is how i did.
When I entered in the console first time nothing happened even if I click on server. I clicked on the refresh button in console panel and now everything works.

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I play with 1024x768 with fastest settings and grass.on false command, but it’s still a little bit slow. Anything more I can do other than buy a new computer?

use render.level 0, also a big performance push